PRODUCT NEWS: We attend Fagerhult’s DINO Launch Party!



A1 Media enjoyed an informative and inspiring evening at the preview of Fagerhult’s new DINO product range, a customisable light-engine, prior to its international launch in August 2016.

Designed by Stockholm-based architecture and design consultancy PetterssonRudberg, Dino is an extremely versatile luminaire suitable for retail, creative workspace, hotel or hospitality environments.

An energy-efficient, LED-based light engine, Dino is available in two sizes and light outputs: Dino Ø180 with 3000/6000 lm, and Dino Ø90 with 750/1500 lm. Users can choose from nine different shades and covers, available in a wide range of fabrics and materials, or create their own unique design.

Dino Ø180 can be combined with large number of shades for a variety of different environments. For settings with a strong focus on light treatment, two different domes can be used, with either a prismatic or an opal louvre.

The Dino Ø180 series features two lacquered steel shades – one employs a classic, industrial feel and one a retro look. There are also a number of fabric versions that allow for a more ambient atmosphere, from classical cylindrical and concave shades to a decorative fabric-hung, faceted wire frame.

Dino Ø90 can be fitted with two decorative glass accessories – cylindrical or teardrop-shaped – with a function similar to that of the traditional glass shade. The frosted glass provides a comfortable lighting experience and contrasts beautifully with the frame, which can be coloured white, black, graphite, orange or turquoise.

The flexibility of Dino and its wide family of shades and covers allows for easy experimentation with lighting re-designs, streamlining a usually lengthy process and substantially reducing costs. Designers now have the freedom to change the look of the interiors to suit changing fashions or seasons.

Dino requires little to no maintenance, and the shades have been designed to be easily replaced. The opportunity to add bespoke designs for the shades and covers to the light engine also opens up to unlimited possibilities.

Retail environments can replace the shades to create a new shop floor experience. Similarly, hotel reception areas can be transformed for different seasons; restaurants can modify the dining experience and offices can create a new working atmosphere.

Peter Björkman, Product Manager at Fagerhult, said: “Architects and lighting designers are constantly creating unique styles to express companies’ and brands’ visions. We wanted to provide a clever and flexible solution that allows full freedom of expression. With Dino, one is not tied to a particular material, shape, colour or cover so there is no need to have the luminaire retested for approval. This of course brings great advantages and savings in terms of both time and cost. We have also designed the series with a wide standard range of reflectors and shades to match current trends and meet the demands of the market. All the shades and accessories have been designed to give a harmonious impression, which makes it easy to switch them and light entire projects using a single family of products.”

The nine shades and covers are called Cup, Kvarts, Dome Prismatic, Dome Opal, Silo, Ring, Net, Classic and Apollo. Each shade is available in a variety of colours or materials and can be customised to personal taste.


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