0L8B8992When the 24th PALM Beijing Show was reinstated, after originally being cancelled, PR Lighting took every opportunity to capitalise.

On their large and alluring 252 sq. metre stand at the China International Exhibition Centre the company presented no fewer than eight new products, and was rewarded by picking up several ‘Best in Show’ awards.

The XR 470 Beam won the first prize and three further PR Lighting products — XLED 3019, XR 1000 Spot and XR 130 Beam — took runner-up awards in the 24th PALM Expo Exhibitions Products Technology Progress category. In addition, PR Lighting walked away with the Exhibition’s Intellectual Property Award.

According to international sales director, Ernie Armas, response to the new products from the market was equally positive. “The lighting professionals, specifiers and consultants who visited our booth were extremely bullish about all our new products,” he confirmed.

The new portfolio unveiled at the show was as follows:

XR 440 BWS: This integrates three features (Spot, Wash and Beam) in a single unit. Adopting PR Lighting’s patented technology, the fixture combines advanced 440W lamp technology with a superb optical system.

XR 330 BWS: This also integrates Spot, Wash and Beam into a single unit, this time combining advanced 330W technology — again with superb optics — to produce 15,000 lumens of flat, uniform light. The fixture also contains both 8-facet and 16-facet rotating prisms.

XR 350 BWS: Working on the same principle of combining features, this unit uses advanced 350W lamp technology to deliver more than 20,000 lumens and boasts the same features as XR 330 BWS.

Pro Stage 150LED 19LT/LD: This fixture was designed for the studio and other applications where high-definition lighting is required, with flicker-free operation. With a beam angle of 19°, this fixture has adopted PR patented technology, combining advanced 150W LED lamp technology with a superb optical system. Designed to deliver pure and high CRI white and with the energy-saving, environmental characteristics of LED, it is also contained in a lightweight (12kg) chassis.

Pro Stage 150LED 26LT/LD; Identical in appearance, and designed for the same application, this patented fixture is similar in functionality to the Pro Stage 150LED 19LT/D but delivers a beam angle of 26° with a power consumption of 150W.

Pro Stage 150W LED RGBW: Pro Stage 150 RGBW (with options of 5°,10°,  19° and 26° beam angles) was designed for the theatre and studio, as well as other applications where high-definition lighting is needed, with flicker-free operation. This fixture has also adopted PR patented technology, and combines advanced 150W LED lamp technology with a superb optical system.

CSL 1037 (Car Show Lamp): The fully-featured fixtures, using patented technology, was designed for car show and other applications where high-definition lighting is needed, with flicker-free operation. It combines 37 advanced 10W LED lamps to deliver pure white light with a beam angle of 14.7° contained in just a 7kg chassis.

CSL 348 (Car Show Lamp): Finally, designed for the same applications as CSL 1037, the CSL 384 combines 84 advanced 3W white LED lamps from a similarly weighted chassis, producing a beam angle of 15.5°.

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