PhotonStar’s ChromaWhite Technology wins the Visitor’s Choice at the ARC Show

PhotonStar Technology Ltd., UK manufacturer of advanced LED light engines, and part of the PhotonStar LED Group plc, werenominated by peers for a prestigious industry award for innovation at a key industry event in London this month.


The CLE (Compact Light Engine) Module is the first of several products to be launched that features the company’s patented ChromaWhiteTM technology. The winning version, “ChromaWhite Tungsten+” claims to be the first LED source to match the popular, but soon to be banned halogen lamp in terms of light colour, light quality, and dimming characteristics.


The award was presented at the ARC show in London (London is a major centre for the architectural and lighting design community), after receiving a large majority of votes by the delegates. The annual event brings together over 3000 visitors from the entire spectrum of lighting disciplines looking to source the newest and most innovative lighting solutions for their global projects. This is the first time visitors have been invited to vote on the best innovation. Event visitors were shown a side by side comparison with a halogen lamp, and the vast majority preferred the light quality of the ChromaWhite based module.


The CLE ChromaWhite Tungsten plus module will feature in a number of new fixtures produced by PhotonStar LED Ltd., part of the PhotonStar LED group. This and other modules will also be supplied through PhotonStar Technology Ltd. to other fixture manufacturers to meet the need for different aesthetics and designs globally.


The unique features of ChromaWhite address the common barriers to LED adoption particularly eliminating concerns over unexpected colour shift over time, and the ability to render colours (especially red) true to daylight. In addition for applications such as hospitality, lighting designers want a light source that has the dimming characteristics of halogen – warming in colour when dimmed. Whilst this has been available in other products, ChromaWhite Tungsten plus is the only light source to provide this feature with the colour quality of light demanded in retail and hospitality applications.

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