PhotonStar provides low energy lighting for BDP Architects

PhotonStar LED Ltd- Application example

BDP Architects- London


PhotonStar were invited to supply a low energy lighting solution for the entrance foyer area at the BDP offices in London.

The original installation utilized 350 50W capsule halogen lamp spotlights with integral trans-formers, which created a flexible lighting scheme but there was clearly the opportunity for better efficiency.


BDP Architects took the decision to investigate replacing the ten year old 50W halogen spot-lights in the ground floor hub area and research quickly showed that:

“the PhotonStar LED spotlight offered a very good combination of light quality, lumen package and price” (Luke Smith-Wightman BDP)

The 10W Track Spot Aero was used to provide a cost saving performance lighting solution with an 80% reduction in both energy cost and CO2 emissions at an operational life of 50,000 hours. BDP have calculated savings of over £2,000 a year on both electricity and maintenance, whilst maintaining previous lux levels.

After 6 months of successful operation, BDP has decided to replace all halogen and CFL lumi-naires in the building. This project will ultimately give them an annual saving of £7,500 and greatly improve lighting conditions in the office areas.

Key Features:

A maintenance free track spot

 50,000 hours operational life at high ambient temperatures (to L70)

 80% energy saving compared to halogens

 Compliant with EU ‘A’ energy rating

 Exceeds UK Part L1 and L2

 Fast Payback less than 2 years

Product Focus

Track Spot Aero

LED Track spot for Halogen replacement

The Adjustable Track Spot range is a superior replacement for adjustable halogen track spot fittings often used in retail, residential and commercial applications. The track spot range conforms to EU ’A’ energy rating and UK Building Regulations Part L1 and L2. A Broad range of drivers is offered including many dimmable options, delivering up to 52 luminaire lumens/circuit Watt. The Aero is offered in 12° and 30°for optimum flexibility.

The Aero is constructed of materials that are designed for long life. It contains the most efficient, ultra bright, long life LEDs available today from Cree Inc. a tier one lighting grade LED module manufacturer. Keeping LEDs cool is essential to efficiency and long life and as a result the Track Spot Aero features the Cool3R™ sustainable advanced passive heatsink technology (made of 100% recycled aluminium) employing proprietary surface treatment technology, providing improved lifetime, efficiency and an increased ambient temperature operation

PhotonStar LED Ltd

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