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Photonics4All reaches out to young people, entrepreneurs and the general public throughout Europe to inspire them with and inform them about Photonics. The project’s unique approach is that it combines the development of new promotional photonics educational tools and their delivery during a wide range of outreach activities with different audiences.

Young people are addressed at events like ‘children universities’ with hands-on Photonics experiments, using the ‘Photonics Explorer Kit’ produced by the company EYESTvzw. A Photonics App, Game and Quiz will be developed by the Photonics4All team to provide additional outreach tools to educate young people about photonics. An animated photonics video will be developed and shown to young children and their families at local events and cinemas.

Young Entrepreneurs will also be targeted during the project with a number of tools and events produced for them such as; the brochures “Study Photonics!” and “Create a business with Photonics!”; an entrepreneurial boot camp; Photonics workshops, and a ‘Start-up Challenge’.

The General Public will also be provided with engaging bookmarks which describe 5 important Photonics applications which benefit our lives, and they will be invited to attend special events like ‘Science Slams’ and photonics campaigns.

An “OmniLight Laboratory” is also being designed to inspire large audiences with information about photonics and its practical applications through the use of fascinating demonstrations.

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