Opening Ceremony of the International Year of Light 2015 in Mongolia

On March 31 2015, the opening ceremony of the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies 2015 (IYL 2015) in Mongolia was formally held in the National University of Mongolia in the Ulaanbaatar city. The ceremony was attended by researchers from light related fields, professors, teachers, students, specialists and people who were interested in science.

The event was opened with addresses from Mr Gundegmaa Jargalsaikhan (General Secretary, Mongolian National Commission for UNESCO) and Dr. R. Bat-Erdene (President of the National University of Mongolia).

Dr. Tsolmon Renchin, the head of the Space Science Laboratory, National University of Mongolia and  IYL 2015 National Contact Point gave a lecture about the IYL 2015 and its importance to society and sustainable development. Dr. Renchin also talked about the wonders of cosmic light in her presentation. In addition, she highlighted the major IYL 2015 events and activities to be coordinated in Mongolia during the IYL 2015.

  1. Amartuvshin, one of National University of Mongolia’s best students, introduced his invention “LED Technology and Smart Light via using the light ” during the ceremony.

Another highlight of the opening ceremony was a star-party for the general public. There were several presentations on cosmic light and proper use lights for society and environment protection. Public from all ages had the opportunity to observe the sky thanks to a clear night.

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