New LED technology from RZB

The German lighting fixture vendor RZB has risen the challenge of rising energy costs and the ban on incandescent light bulbs early on, with an extensive portfolio of efficient LED lamps that can be used just about anywhere. A silent and flicker-free performance from these lamps is achieved thanks to advanced passive cooling technology.

RZB’s Professional Spotlight LED lamps are compatible with all commercially available low volt halogen sockets, are fully dimmable, and replace 50 watt spots with an only 7 watt power consumption lamp. Thus with a service life of 35,000 hours – a realistic expectation for RZB’s Professional Spotlight LED lamps  – you can count on saving €150 per spotlight.

Thanks to a colour temperature of 3000 K, these spots provide warm white lighting with 450 lumens of light output that’s easy on the eyes. And as RZB’s LED lamps are UV radiation-free, neither fabrics nor works of art fade even when lit by these products for long periods of time.

2 Responses to “New LED technology from RZB”

  1. Simonharris337 says:

    Interesting looking MR16 would like to know a lot more about it

  2. PRei says:

    About  these type of warm fixed color temp type LEDs
    In my view,  largely shows the wrong use of technology
    CFLs = Long Tube technology LEDs =Sheet/panel lighting technology
    Unnecessarily compromised for politically pushed reasons to (badly and expensively) copy what incandescents do better in most bulb formats,
    albeit LED spotlight advantages too
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