New 5 watt MR1605AC from GlacialLight

GlacialLight, a division of experienced global technology leader, GlacialTech Inc., has launched the MR1605AC LED Lamp, another outstanding addition to GlacialLight’s range of LED lighting products.

This high efficiency 5W LED lamp is available with a variety of bases, making it an ideal replacement for older, less-efficient light sources that use any of the common connectors: E11, E14, E17, E26, E27, GU10 and B22. The MR1605AC LED lamp is a perfect choice for any location that could benefit from lower energy costs and more satisfied users. Its key advantages are remarkably low energy and maintenance costs.

The MR1605AC accepts a wide range of AC voltages – from 100 volts to 240 volts – making it very suitable for a variety of operating environments.

This lamp’s bright natural illumination is great for all interior lighting applications. Typical usages include spot lighting , architectural lighting, commercial lighting, retail lighting, accent lighting, hallway lighting, cabinet lighting, as well as many other indoor lighting applications. The MR1605AC uses Nichia LED technology for greatly reduced power costs, long life, and low heat.

The MR1605AC’s LED technology slashes maintenance costs, with its lifetime of 30,000 hours. GlacialLight has designed this product from the ground up to save money for its customers. More energy efficient than traditional light sources, the MR1605AC typically offers a luminous efficacy of up to 70, even as it cuts energy usage. This efficient energy conversion also reduces heat output, keeping indoor temperatures under control and providing significant reductions in air conditioning and cooling costs.

The MR1605AC brings precision illumination on demand with a non-dimmable beam of approximately 50°. Two color variants are available. The GL-MR1605AC-CW provides bright daylight illumination at 5000K with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of over 70, while the GL-MR1605AC-WW illuminates with a warm 3000K beam and a CRI better than 80.

GlacialLight protects customers and the environment by making the MR1605AC completely RoHS compliant. This product does not contain mercury or other hazardous chemicals. The MR1605AC does not emit harmful UV or IR radiation, making it far more eco-friendly than traditional lighting fixtures and technologies. Even the product packaging is recyclable.

GlacialLight’s MR1605AC is a well-designed, low cost choice for a very wide variety of indoor lighting applications. The MR1605AC is supported with a full two year warranty. GlacialLight is very excited to be bringing this new product to its existing and new partners worldwide.


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