Multiload Technology launches super reliable LED driver LEDPowerPlant

Lighting control specialist Multiload Technology has launched LEDPowerPlant, an extremely reliable power supply for linear LEDs, designed to outlast generations of LED sources.


LEDPowerPlant gives a truly stabilised DC voltage for 24V or 12V LED sources, which run at their best at nominal voltage. The driver maintains optimum stabilised DC voltage at the LEDs irrespective of mains voltage fluctuations.


LEDPowerPlant’s unique electronic sensing circuitry allows it to be positioned great distances from the light sources, solving problems associated with positioning and concealing power supplies.


A standard 0-10V signal provides exceptionally smooth dimming, while an internal relay completely switches off the power to LEDs when the signal is taken below 1V. This, together with remote positioning, greatly simplifies wiring, especially when dimming and increases safety using only low voltage cable to the light source.


Brian Cuthbertson, managing director of Multiload Technology, said: “We’re a company with a passion for making sophisticated analogue lighting drives easy to install and use. We have built a solid reputation on our VoltMaster intelligent transformer, and we expect our new drive to be equally successful.


“By using cable runs typically up to 100m, LEDPowerPlant allows for enhanced design options, with clean and uncluttered installations and no need to hide power supplies near LEDs. Furthermore, its stabilised voltages offer accuracy better than 99 per cent, while delivering smooth dimming and switching from an industry standard 0-10V signal.”


LEDPowerPlant is a true SELV product that uses safe, extra low voltage cable, and is suitable for any sensitive environment where safety is paramount.


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