Louis Poulsen launches OJ

Danish designer Ole Jensen teamed up with Louis Poulsen to redefine the concept of a lamp. The result, after many meetings and prototypes, was not just one but three light fittings: a table lamp, a wall lamp and a floor lamp – the range is called OJ.

While sharing the same idiom, all lamps have their own individual design. They are all made from steel and the white colour was specifically selected to offset the energy efficient light sources, as the white nuance contributes to soften and warming the light colour.

The table lamp has the largest shade of the trio. Its height ensures excellent illumination of table surfaces.  As a revolt against the necessary evil – cables from the base of the lamp, Ole Jensen has made the cable forms a part of the design.

The shape of the wall light’s shade gathers the light to ensure more focused light emission, which makes the lamp particularly suitable for reading whilst never annoying other people in the room.

The floor lamp also displays a shade that focuses the light, since it will primarily be used as a reading light. Its height of 130 cm correlates with the normal seating height of an easy chair.

‘To create something simple, you need to focus on details …’ says Ole Jensen.  His attitudes to lighting are revealed in his own words: ‘Lighting must be soft and comfortable.’

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