LightTalk and LightWalk at ARC Show

The ARC Show has secured an exclusive new interactive feature for the 2011 show. NightSeeing™ is a two-part guide to a city’s nocturnal lighting environment, including an hour-long evening walk led by world renowned urban lighting artist Leni Schwendinger.

The London NightSeeing™ programme is part of the top-level IALD Enlighten Europe Conference, which runs alongside The ARC Show at The Business Design Centre, Islington, from 12-13 January 2011.

NightSeeing™ London will form two parts with the first section comprising a LightTalk, providing a basic understanding of the systems lighting our cities. The second aspect, LightWalk, will see delegates led on a walk after-dark where Leni will decode the shadows, emanations and reflections that define the nightscape, from shop silhouettes and signage to streetlights and the phantom photons of passing cars.

Leni, who has over 20 years experience as a lighting designer and public artist, commented: ‘The idea for the NightSeeing™ programme originated with a class I taught in New York where we would explore urban environments at night. As soon as we left the door, there were things to talk about; the smallest pixel of light turned into a subject. The walk became like a treasure hunt, a way of recognising both existing light and designed light.

‘The NightSeeing™ programme opens people’s eyes to an existing night-time environment as well as providing an overview of lighting theory.

‘The streets and closes, nooks and crannies of Angel Islington are an ideal location for bright and shadowy discoveries on a LightWalk.

‘Lighting designers work with architects, landscape architects, engineers and other urban design professionals to illuminate city structures and locations such as buildings, bridges, parks and streets, to make these sites visible and safe to walk at night. The NightSeeing™ programme focuses on an ever expanding variety of luminous possibilities.’

The NightSeeing™ programme will take place as part of the IALD Enlighten Europe Conference at The ARC Show, from 12-13 January 2011. To view more information about the conference or to book your place, visit

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