‘No. 1 Traveller lights up Terminal’

No.1 Traveller, the airport hospitality specialist, recently launched their new lounge at London Gatwick Airport’s North Terminal with an eye-catching collection of lighting designed by award-winning lighting consultancy Elektra Lighting.

Elektra’s brief was to create the lighting for several distinct areas including a Wii games room, a relaxing mini-cinema room, the bar area, a bistro restaurant, and even a Travel Spa with treatment rooms for pre-flight massage or beauty treatments.

Elektra used a lot of quirky, individual lights for each area to give the place its own identity, with bowler hat pendants in the meeting rooms and crystal decanters over the bar. A variety of products were sourced from all across Europe including Holland, Italy, England and Germany, to create the right visual tone.

Different spaces within the lounge also feature a series of lighting effects – for example the seating area has white lighting by day, but bold splashes of colour at night, creating a fun, exciting environment; the cinema has dark lighting, focussed on steps and very narrow spots to tables – creating intimacy without interrupting the film.

The entire lounge is a hospitality area, however airport regulations required not the normal, lower 22 lumens/watt regulation applicable to this kind of project, but the much stricter 55 lumens appropriate for office space. In addition all fittings had to be LSF cables inside, effectively making every single fitting a special from the manufacturer.

A control system creates over 55 different scenes, constantly varying the lighting at different times of day – the lounge is open from 4am to 10pm, 7 days a week.

Elektra are currently working on the next lounge in No.1 Traveller’s collection, opening at Heathrow’s Terminal 3 in August 2011.


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