Lighting cost reduced 83% with LED spotlights from GlacialLight

GlacialLight a division of experienced technology manufacturer GlacialTech Inc., is pleased to announce that its environmentally-friendly LED lighting products are being used in many applications around the world and providing users with energy-saving light of the highest quality.

One of the world’s largest international health and beauty chains, Watsons, has seen immediate benefits by replacing traditional 300W mercury lights with GlacialLight’s 60W LED Spotlights. For example, Watsons has seen an 83% reduction in energy used for lighting, as well as better light quality, at a key Watsons outlet in Guangzhou, China. Like Watsons, other consumers around the world using GlacialLight’s products are reporting energy savings and improvements in lighting quality.

GlacialLight’s GL-SP60 LED spotlights instantly began saving money for Watsons thanks to their exceptionally low power consumption. In future they will save even more on maintenance and replacement costs thanks to the GL-SP60’s remarkably long LED lifespans of over 30,000 hours. The trial location has replaced its traditional mercury lights with just 8 GlacialLight LED Spotlights. With no perceptible flickering, the GlacialLight Spotlights now provide Watsons customers and employees with better light quality while saving the company money. With staff and customers enjoying a more pleasant shopping and working environment, and management enjoying bottom-line savings, everyone at Watsons has benefited.

GlacialLight is excited to see its product lines being used to make businesses more successful and at the same time benefiting society by offering lighting products that have longer lifetimes and save more energy than traditional lighting, emit no harmful UV or IR radiation, and contain no hazardous materials such as mercury.

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