LED lighting solutions, expert talks & much more at GE Lighting’s booth L&B2012

LED Lighting   solutions, Expert talks & MUCH MORE at GE Lighting’s Booth At   LIGHT+BUILDING 2012VISIT GE IN HALL 4.1, D10 !
At the GE Lighting booth, we show our wide range of   energy efficient and reliable lighting solutions, luminaires, drivers and power   controls – that are made to enhance people’s lighting experience and help   reduce carbon emissions and maintenance costs.
With the focus on LEDs of course.
The booth designed by the Italian designer Andrea Cerquiglini features   innovations specifically developed for retail, commercial spaces and outdoor   applications.On the 16th,   17th and 18th of April, GE Lighting is starting the day at Light+Building   with a series of expert talks. In breakfast time, leading architects and   lighting designers are invited to participate and share their knowledge at   our seminars, on Monday to Wednesday from 10am, together with a refreshing   breakfast served at out booth, in Hall 4.1, D10. 

Seminar   schedule for the 16th, 17th, and 18th of April:


Monday 16th   – Don’t cut the lighting budget!GE Lighting’s Simon Fisher, will be joined by   Andreas Schulz of Licht Kunst Licht – 2009 and 2010 winner of the GE Edison   Award – to discuss the crucial role good quality light plays in an office   environment.
Tuesday   17th – Where LEDs work today? Andrea Borsetto of Crea   International will speak alongside Sven Rotgers from GE Lighting on the best   use of CMH and LEDs in a retail environment, with specific detail on how   retailers can significantly cut energy consumption without compromising the   look and feel of its stores. 
Wednesday   18th – White light – just a choice of colour or more?International lighting   consultant t Miles Pinniger, and GE Lighting’s Diederik de Stoppelaar will   discuss outdoor lighting’s impact on citizens, municipalities and the   environment and how white light can lessen this impact. They will look at   some exemplar projects that have enhanced their surroundings and   significantly reduced energy use. 
For more   information, or to register for the seminars, please send an e-mail with your   contact details to Events.LightingEMEA@ge.com.
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