Kii and Yankon Lighting collaborate on next-generation IoT smart lighting

Internet of Things cloud platform provider, Kii has collaborated with Yankon Lighting, a leading LED manufacturer, to launch next-generation IoT smart lighting solutions for homes and offices. Accessed through a smartphone, the products will meet consumer demand for low cost, energy-efficient lighting.

The smart lighting system incorporates a number of features, including: multi-request demand capabilities like high brightness settings that feature low power consumption; long product life with free maintenance for repairs; waterproof and heat dissipation characteristics for any temperature, environment or climate; timing controls to help save manpower and power consumption; remote control operations; and customisation of color and brightness settings for different lighting effects.

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    OSRAM skyscraper – March 17 – slide 1
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    Recolight – March 17
    EcoPac Power skyscraper – March 17
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