IYL 2015 French Opening Ceremony

The International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies 2015 (IYL 2015) in France was launched by a moving ceremony in the temple of the French culture, La Sorbonne in Paris, with participation of more than 800 attendees on January 8th. The ceremony brought together scientists, philosophers, writers, artists of light, specialists in vision, lightning but also students and young entrepreneurs.

Costel Subran, President of the French IYL 2015 National Committee, chaired the ceremony and highlighted the major events and the activities programme to be coordinated in France all along 2015.

Programme of the IYL2015 French Opening Ceremony at La Sorbonne

  • Jean Audouze (Honorary President of the French Commission at UNESCO) – ‘International Year of Light and UNESCO’
  • John Dudley (Chair of International Year of Light  2015 steering committee) – ‘International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies 2015’
  • Costel Subran (President of the French IYL 2015 National Committee) – ‘2015, Année de la Lumière en France’
  • Claude Cohen-Tannoudji (Nobel prize in Physics 1997, Professor at Collège de France) – ‘Light and atoms’
  • Serge Haroche (Nobel prize of Physics 2012, Professor at Collège de France) – ‘Detecting the invisible light to understand the Universe and life’
  • Etienne Klein (Science Philosopher, Director at IRCAM, CEA) – ‘What distance are we from the enlightment?’
  • Roger Nsrboni (Light artist) – ‘Light and obscurity in the city’
  • Alain Aspect (Academy of Sciences, Professor at Institut of Optics) – ‘Single photon, entangled photons, the two quantic revolutions’
  • Gérard Mourou (General Director at IZEST, professor at Ecole Polytechnique) – ‘The extreme light’
  • José-Alain Sahel (Director of Institut of Vision) – ‘A less obscure clarity?’
  • Hélène Cixous (Writer, Dramatist, Poet)- ‘Writing in the night’
  • Claudine TiercelinI (Philosopher, Professor at Collège de France) – ‘Why do we still need Lights?’
  • Vincent Delieuvin (Curator at Louvre Museum) – ‘Painting the light, Leonardo da Vinci’

Other highlights of the Ceremony included the introduction of new industrial applications by the young entrepreneurs Anaïs Barut and Anrnau Berthonneau as well as the presentaion of the Jean Jerphagnon Prize for the most innovative project to Arnaud Royon.

The «2015, Année de la Lumière en France» is placed under the Haut Patronage of Monsieur François Hollande, President of France and of the two patrons of Année de la Lumière en France are the Nobel Prize Laureates Claude Cohen-Tannoudji and Serge Haroche.

For more information about upcoming events visit the website from the French IYL 2015 Committee.

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