It’s Party Time for White Light at Banqueting House

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On Tuesday 10th November, more than 150 event professionals gathered at the iconic Banqueting House, London, for a ‘Best of British’ themed street party.

Celebrating the fact that the Queen is now the longest-reigning monarch, the party featured six acts covering the six decades of her reign.

As the cross-palace approved production supplier for Historic Royal Palaces, White Light was called upon to provide the lighting, audio and video support for the event.

The party took place at Banqueting House due to its unique space and location as well as being one of the Historic Royal Palaces.

The evening burst into life with music and entertainment straight out of the 1950’s, with every subsequent half-an-hour progressing into the next decade, before ultimately ending in the present day.

Jennifer Lockham, Manager at Banqueting House, comments: “We wanted guests to experience the culinary delights and entertainment reminiscent of each era, along with the grandeur of Banqueting House – a venue that has played such an important role in British history.

After working with them on many other occasions, we once again approached WL to help realise our vision”.

WL oversaw all of the production elements on the evening, drawing on its unparalleled range of state-of-the-art equipment and expert staff. Alicia Earls, WL’s Business Development Manager, comments: “Along with creating a constant party atmosphere, we really wanted to bring each decade alive and capture the feel as accurately as we could”.

As a result, every thirty minutes, the lighting, soundscape, video and performance artists changed as the party moved from decade to decade.

Throughout the evening, WL created the illusion of windows which ‘looked outside’ onto each different era through its use of projection mapping.

WL also prepared the video content which was showcased throughout the evening on plasma screens, which highlighted the iconic moments of each decade.

Jennifer states: “The evening was a huge success. Not only was it a great celebration of Britain over the past sixty years and the Banqueting House itself but it was also unbelievably fun and everyone in attendance commented on what an amazing time they had. We appreciate that the production support played a key role in this and would like to thank WL for their efforts across the entire evening”.

Due to the large-scale of the event, this meant that WL had to work closely with the venue, the performance artists as well as the caterers to ensure that, collaboratively, the party achieved its potential.

Alicia adds: “It was important that everything was holistic on the evening. We wanted the whole event to be as immersive as possible so that the performers, video footage, production support and catering all merged together seamlessly. Thankfully, this was something we were able to achieve”.

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