Get the green light with Sylvania Ecoplus

Havells-Sylvania is introducing a range of highly energy efficient, long-life lamps under the Superia EcoPlus banner. Neil McLean, SBU Leader of Sylvania Halogen Lamps comments “Innovation is the core of our success at Havells-Sylvania and we pride ourselves at being able to develop truly market leading products. The range of halogen lamps will bring down cost of ownership, allowing businesses and homeowners to reduce their energy bills dramatically with low capital investment, saving carbon emissions in the process. Despite the trend towards LED lamps, halogen can remain the best solution, due to its unbeatable natural colour quality and its ease of use on any installation. And of course its initial purchase price.”

EcoPlus technology captures and reuses energy to make lamps more efficient than conventional alternatives. EcoPlus’ innovative recycling burner is coated in an IR reflecting layer which captures normally wasted heat and reflects it back onto the filament allowing a more efficient use of energy without sacrificing quality or quantity of light.

Havells-Sylvania Superia EcoPlus range covers a number of product developments, including the Superia 50 EcoPlus. This is a replacement for the standard halogen MR16 reflector and dichroic lamps typically found in domestic, hospitality and retail lighting. The Superia 50 EcoPlus has a high average life of 5000 hours, 2.5x that of a standard MR16. The long life means there is no need for frequent lamp changing, saving replacement costs and hassle.

The EcoPlus reflecting layer achieves up to 40% energy savings and the hard coating on the reflector ensures a stable colour appearance over the lifetime of the lamp. The result is a higher light intensity than can be achieved with dichroics and a light quality that cannot be beaten. Superia 50 EcoPlus lamps are also 100% dimmable.

The Superia Capsule EcoPlus is a direct replacement for low voltage halogen capsule lamps. The lamps have an average life of 4000 hours – twice that of a standard LV capsule, whilst having the same light output. Superia Capsules can achieve up to 40% energy savings over their competitors, are 100% dimmable and have a high luminous efficacy.

The Superia 111 EcoPlus is a replacement for standard AR111 spotlights commonly found in retail and hospitality applications. Again, energy efficiency is excellent, with up to 40% energy savings over its competitors.  Lamplife, at 4000 hours, is 33% longer than the average life of a standard AR111 halogen.  Lamps are 100% dimmable and have excellent beam control and quality.

The Sylvania Superia EcoPlus series offers a comprehensive range of light source solutions for a wide range of applications, including hotels, restaurants and cafes, retail and the residential sector. EcoPlus lamps save money, are environmentally friendly, produce an unbeatable quality of light and are 100% dimmable. What’s more it is very easy to switch from conventional sources, with no installation issues, allowing businesses to reduce both energy costs and carbon quickly and easily with low capital investment just by changing the lamps.


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  1. Kevan Shaw says:

    Are these a real product yet? where can I get samples?

    Kevan Shaw

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