Fern-Howard success at Light ME

Fern-Howard’s decision to attend Dubai’s Light ME in November this year was amply rewarded with a huge amount of interest being shown in their ground breaking EdgeLEDTM technology.

Visitors were impressed by the way their EdgeLEDTM range achieves high optical efficiency, gives precise light control and allows less energy to be used to light any given space by placing LEDs around the edges of a Rambus’ patented MicroLens® light guide.

Fern-Howard’s EdgeLEDTM E7 recessed ceiling panel was particularly well-received, generating nearly 80 firm project enquiries from companies within Dubai and from the Middle Eastern region in general.

A clear demonstration that UK manufacturing and skills are still highly respected in global markets, Fern-Howard’s presence at Light ME looks set to be a key point in the company’s international expansion plans and generated significant interest from potential distributors keen to bring this unique technology to a wider world.

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