ETC Source Four LED for Cardiff sho

lighting newsLighting designer Declan Randall has used ETC Source Four LED Lustr+ to light Dennis Kelly’s Love & Money, starting at the Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff before going on tour.

“The Source Four LEDs were invaluable in creating the look of the lighting,” says Randall. “I used them both as a backlight and as an front-of-house fill, and their ability to subtly mix colour and shift from a cooler tone to a warmer one was incredibly helpful. It meant that I was able to achieve a seamless blend between the projections and the lighting for each scene.

“They also offered me the ability to adjust the colour balance during the scenes to be able to underpin the emotional tone of the scene by making small colour adjustments, with the changes almost imperceptible.”

ETC’s range of LED fixtures, which includes Selador Classic and Desire, as well as Source Four LED, was specifically designed to integrate as part of a mixed lighting rig. Rather than replacing traditional tungsten and HID lighting, LED offerings another tool to a lighting designer. ETC LED uses a seven colour mixing system to ensure that the entire spectrum is well covered, accurately rendering skin tone, and offering bright colours combined with low energy usage and almost no heat output.

Continues Randall: “I was also able to match the dimmer curve of the fitting to the rest of the rig with relative ease so that I did not have to separate fade times or create any complex part cues for the LED fades. They blended well with the rest of the rig – they are truly game-changers for the way in which we will be lighting shows in the future.”

The dark and atmospherically lit drama, which was produced by Waking Exploits and directed by Ryan Romain, highlights the fatal effects on a family when a young spendaholic housewife runs up debts of £70,000

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