European Safety Standard for T5 Retrofit Lighting.

Energys Group, supplier of ‘Save It Easy®’, has collaborated with VDE, a leading European testing house, to improve clarity and transparency surrounding retrofit lighting.

Working alongside Energys, testing house VDE has confirmed the safety standards that T5 retrofit lighting products must reach in order to comply with the Low Voltage Directive, a European law that ensures electrical equipment is safe in its intended use.

Save It Easy, a well-established technology that allows plug-in replacement of old-style fluorescent lamps with energy-efficient T5 equivalents in the same fittings, can now prove that it fully meets EU consumer safety requirements. More importantly, it establishes a clear and unambiguous benchmark against which users can check the compliance of any product in this market.

In accordance with VDE’s testing, Energys has shown that its Save It Easy product conforms to the EN (BSEN) 60598 standard required to comply with the Low Voltage Directive. Save It Easy is believed to be the only product of its kind to currently meet this standard and legitimately bear the CE mark. Energys Group, believes that Save It Easy’s compliance with the Low Voltage Directive will help customers to distinguish it from other T5 retrofit technologies.

Aidan Salter, Managing Director of Energys, comments: “We have been deeply concerned by the lack of clarity surrounding the standards set for the T5 retrofit market. We spent eight months working alongside VDE to sweep away any ambiguity in this regard. EN (BSEN) 60598 provides a clear benchmark, and consumers can now have peace of mind in knowing exactly what stringent standards are required of a T5 retrofit product such as Save It Easy.”

Salter warns: “Any organisation purchasing retrofit lighting equipment that does not conform to the EN (BSEN) 60598 standard – and, therefore, cannot bear the CE mark – should be aware that they may be compromising the safety of employees and site visitors. Customers should be advised that knowingly purchasing a product that does not conform to the Low Voltage Directive is a breach of the law, and they could be subject to the expensive process of removing substandard lighting converters.”

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