Elation SixPar Series colours unique StreetDome Skate Park in Denmark

Elation Professional’s new SixPar Series of indoor and outdoor PAR colour changers is providing dynamic colour wash for skate boarders and other street sport enthusiasts at StreetDome, a one-of-a-kind modern skate park in Haderslev, Denmark.

Designed by CEBRA Architects, StreetDome is an open playground and the biggest skating facility in northern Europe with both indoor and outdoor areas for skateboarding, BMX, bouldering, street ball, parkour, rollerblading, street dance, and more. Serving as a social meeting place for kids of all ages, skill levels and cultures, if street sports are your bag then this is the place for you.

Central to the StreetDome complex, primarily indoor activities like skateboarding, basketball and bouldering, is the 1,500 sq. meter StreetDome Igloo. Unheated and lit primarily through sunlight during daylight hours, the dome-shaped roof hovers over a large open floor divided between a flat zone and a bowl zone, a series of skater ‘pools’ scooped out of the concrete floor.

Look up and the roof is divided into twelve equal triangular sections, eleven of the sections with an Elation SixPar 300 Par colour changer mounted at its apex. Sold and installed by Elation partner Unico Gruppen (www.unico-gruppen.dk), each SixPar colour changer houses 18x 12-watt 6-colour LED multi-chips for plenty of brightness and an expanded palette of colours.

“The client wanted to colour the ceiling in light but wanted a low power solution as well so we recommended the SixPar,” stated Michael Henriksen of Unico Gruppen. “We placed one fixture to colour wash each section of the ceiling for a nice uniform look. They can colour the whole ceiling one colour or shade each section a different colour. The light also reflects down onto the sport areas below. The result is really nice. Besides the low power consumption, reliability and long LED life was also important for the client as the fixtures are hard to access and shouldn’t require much service or bulb changes.”

With a long LED life rating of 100,000 hours, service intervals are few and far between. The SixPar 300 is just one luminaire in the SixPar Series however. Also available in indoor and outdoor versions is the SixPar 100 with 7x 12-watt LEDs and SixPar 200 with 12x 12-watt LEDs, as well as an outdoor version of the SixPar 300.

Although all SixPar Series colour changers offer the possibility to strobe and include a selection of dimming curves, as well as colour and chase macros, for safety reasons StreetDome only uses the effects during special events as flashing lights or quick colour changes could disturb the skaters.

The SixPar’s large variety of colour choices are incorporated into the daily lighting scheme however, often accompanying music, or can be customized for special occasions such as Halloween when the ceiling was bathed in holiday shades. Onlookers outside the StreetDome Igloo also get a taste of the indoor dynamic as the venue’s windows allow colour schemes to be seen from outdoors for a tasteful architectural lighting look. The StreetDome SixPar lighting is controlled via a PC-based controller.

StreetDome opened in September with a Grand Opening weekend of events held in October, which Unico also supplied lighting for.

Streetdome Skate Park_2

Streetdome Skate Park_1


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