Elation Lights Grammy’s ‘Halftime Show’ Pepsi Commercial



Visions Lighting uses Platinum Beams and Opti Tri Pars on entertaining commercial shoot


Pepsi promoted its Super Bowl halftime show during the 56th annual Grammy Awards January 26th in a memorable two and a half minute commercial that featured past NFL stars and a rig of Elation Platinum Beams and Opti Tri Par lights. Aired halfway through the show on the CBS network, the Pepsi commercial was a hilarious musical spoof with appearances by former NFL stars Deion Sanders, Terry Bradshaw, Shannon Sharpe and Mike Ditka.

Southern California-based production company Visions Lighting was contracted to design the lighting, video, staging and video content for the commercial shoot, which required large numbers of powerful beams and color washes. The production company turned to its extensive inventory of Elation luminaires, using 78 Platinum Beams to cover the large stage with 8 Platinum Beam Extremes as the primary light on the DJ stage and 108 Opti Tri Pars used to backlight the stairs and tone the truss.


Visions Lighting, which also provided all labor and programmers for the shoot, had to move quickly on the project, having first received final approval on New Year’s Day with a January 3rd load in date. “The entire project came together in an extremely tight timeframe,” says Visions Lighting’s Todd Roberts, who first found out about the project on Christmas Eve. “We started the process of designing the stage immediately. With New Year’s being the busiest time of the year it made for some really long days but everyone stepped up to the plate to make it happen.”


Lighting Designer:                  Todd Roberts

Lead Programmer                   Brandon Dunning

Director of Photography:        Ramsey Nickel

Master Electrician:                  Colin Johnson


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