Ecopac Power launch latest addition to the mean well range!



Ecopac Power has launched the latest addition to the Mean Well range of LED power supplies and drivers. The LDD-L and LDD-H series are encapsulated module DC-DC Buck converters for driving LEDs.

With a constant current mode output the LDD-L features a 9-volt to 36-volt DC input and a 2-32VDC output. The LDD-H series has a wider range of 9-56VDC input and 2-52VDC output. Both the LDD-H and the LDD-L series provide multiple output constant current options of 300mA / 350mA / 500mA / 600mA / 700mA and 1A (LDD-H only)

The LDD series of DC/DC Buck converters are designed to be mounted on system PCB’s of LED lighting fixtures. The typical application is to connect the LDD to the output of a constant voltage (CV) AC/DC power supply that then allows the LDD series to provide a constant current to drive LEDs. With a typical LED lighting fixture that has multiple LED strings, using the Mean Well LDD series maintains a good current balance for each LED string improving the life of the LEDs. It also removes the need to sort the Vf value of the LEDs.

Additionally because of the independent constant current source any failure in any LED string being driven by the LDD series won’t affect the others, also each string can be connected for a different number of LEDs depending on the system design requirements. Using a non-isolated Buck topology design, the Mean Well LDD series has up to 97% of extremely high efficiency and can operate from -40ºc to +85ºc of ambient temperature with cooling by free air convection.

Manufactured with a built-in EMI filter, the LDD series comply with the EMI requirements for EN55015 lighting regulations, therefore these DC/DC Buck converters do not require connecting to any external EMI restraint components. The compact size offers system designers greater flexibility in PCB layout for power stage design. Other standard functions include PWM dimming, protections of short circuit and over temperature and a wide range of input/output voltages.

The UL94-V0 level plastic case offers fully encapsulated packaging allowing the Mean Well LDD series to withstand the effects of dust and moisture from all types of harsh environments.With a 2 year warranty the LDD-series is suitable for applications such as street lighting, landscape lighting, tunnel lighting, household lighting, and all kinds of indoor/outdoor LED lighting.

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