Diffuses wonderful wall lights..

Diffuses wonderful wall lights

The wonder of Diffuses wall lights is that they can create a warming honey like glow in all sizes and formats of rooms. Transforming corridors, dining and living areas in their own unique way. Their timeless elegance and classic lines can unobtrusively complement their chandeliers too!

Washing a wall with light has the effect of harmonizing the other furnishings in a room. The rich golden cast of porcelain light can accentuate the richness of an ornate interior or warm a stark contemporary space. Reflected light is important to the designer and in expert hands, the use of shade and light can add high drama.

In dining rooms, Diffuse wall lights can flatter complexions and create conviviality. In Hotel corridors the wall lights can add reassuring warmth to a welcome, as guests are conveyed to their rooms. A living area can radiate calm and comfort as their occupants recline and relax.

So take another look at their wall lights when you are planning to spread some warm magic into your next project!
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