Dextra help BUPA with a 20% energy reduction across their estate / Lux Award Win



BUPA UK have in excess of 300 Care Homes, including 63 multi sites with 90+ beds, 34 two storey sites with 50-80 beds & 33 sites built before 1900 (9 of which are listed properties).

In addition there are 56 Health Centres & various Hospitals, Offices, Factories & Distribution Centres, all of which have been surveyed with lighting upgrades proposed & actioned. BUPA UK have created a £30m Energy Saver Fund (£50m globally) to spend on energy saving schemes throughout its UK premises.

The 2014/15 UK Lighting budget is £6m.

The overall results of all of their energy saving initiatives will achieve a 20% BUPA UK energy reduction from 2009 figures by the end of 2015. LED Lighting represents a significant part of this as it often consume half the power of conventional products. BUPA UK consumes 16 million KW of electricity per annum.

The BUPA UK roll out is unlike many other lighting refurbishments in that the operation is 24 Hours, 365 days a year. With 18,000 residents their well-being must be at the heart of product selection, planning & installation alongside the needs of the 21,000 staff.

If you consider 75% of care home residents have a form of dementia care must be taken to select products that will improve navigation, colour recognition & general well-being.

“The overall results of all of their energy saving initiatives will achieve a 20% BUPA UK energy reduction from 2009”

To meet BUPA UK performance demands, the latest LED technology had to be used to gain the efficiency required to achieve a 5 year payback.

The bulk of the products selected are significantly more efficient than mainstream products in the LED market. Performance & reliability were the priority so even after payback was achieved enhanced benefits continue. This was important to BUPA UK as many of their properties are very long term investments.

Products offered on this roll out have also been optimised to be ECA compliant wherever possible to assist BUPA UK make use of the allowance as effectively as possible. During 2014 nearly 11,000 Dextra fittings qualified for the ECA.

BUPA UK are a forward thinking client whose efforts have been recognised at the 2015 Lux Awards, winning the Client of the Year Award.  The award was given as judges praised “an organisation whose lighting strategy goes beyond energy efficiency and the standards and embraces its potential to improve the wellbeing of its staff and patients”.

Dextra Group are proud to have provided the lighting design and lighting products on this roll out.

To find out more about the products featured in the roll out visit:

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