Dextra Group SMT Investment Continues




During the first week of 2016 another surface mount line has been installed and commissioned at Dextra Group’s factory in North Dorset. This investment will bring Dextra Groups SMT facility to five lines in total ensuring that they can continue to meet the needs of the growing LED market.
Dextra Group manufactured in excess of 1,000,000 circuit boards using 75,000,000 LEDs during the course of 2015. The addition of this fifth line provides 25% more capacity for 2016, ensuring that all customer requirements can be met during the largest peaks in demand.  It also provides extra flexibility to accommodate short notice projects for clients and production of customised LED cards designed to meet the exact needs of customer projects. This investment also provides additional redundancy to allow for ongoing maintenance and servicing of the equipment ensuring that the entire facility continuously operates to its maximum efficiency and reliability.
The addition to the SMT facility again uses premium equipment from suppliers such as Siplace, Ekra, Rehm and Nutek capable of producing the highest quality of circuit in extremely high volumes. By investing in the same machinery from their SMT supply partners Dextra Group ensure that they have generic equipment making staff training and maintenance as simple as possible.
From placing the order to the line being installed and operational will take a period of just 6 weeks, the quickest installation of all of the 5 lines undertaken so far to ensure that maximum production capacity is available for the entirety of 2016 to meet burgeoning customer demand.

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