DALI Lighting Launches Zero Capital Outlay Scheme

DALI Lighting, the supplier of LED lamps, has announced the launch of an innovative new scheme that allows customers to switch from expensive to run halogen lighting to energy efficient, equivalent LED replacements, with no upfront costs.

Under the ‘Get turned on’ initiative, DALI Lighting offers to supply all of the major brand name products such as Philips, Osram, Toshiba, GE Lighting without initial capital outlay. Then, over a period of 12-18 months the customer makes regular payments to purchase the LED lamps. The key to the new scheme is that these payments can effectively be made by using the 80% saving in energy bills enjoyed from day one by switching to LED rather than continuing with halogen. At the end of the payment period, the customer owns the LED lamps and can benefit from the full in-use cost savings for the remaining life of the products; A typical LED plug in (retrofit) Halogen replacement product for instance has a 3-5 year warranty.

For many users of significant numbers of halogen lamps such as hoteliers, restaurateurs and businesses operating in large buildings, the potential 80% saving on energy bills achievable by replacing halogen downlighters with LED equivalents is well understood. However, the initial capital cost of replacing cheap yet inefficient and unreliable halogen with true like-for-like LED units has, until now, been prohibitive for many.

Products offered in the range provide a true like-for-like alternative to halogen. This means that they accurately match the directional light output and colour of the halogen units they are designed to replace. They ensure that by making the switch, customers do not alter the illumination, look, feel or warmth of their room, space or building.

“The knowledge and understanding of the cost savings and environmental benefits of LED lighting are growing in all sectors of the market,” said David Eeles, Managing Director, DALI Lighting. “Our new scheme is aimed at removing the ‘block’ to widespread adoption that currently exists due to the higher unit cost of LED lamps versus halogen. By offering the replacement of inefficient halogen with state-of-art LED lighting with no capital outlay, and then allowing payment over an extended period using the money saved, users of all sizes can enjoy the unquestioned benefits of LED lighting right now.”

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