Crestron to demo complete wireless home automation system at infocomm mea 2013

infiNET EX® Wireless solutions extend control to Crestron and third-party devices in any room or outdoor

space without pulling wire.

At InfoComm MEA 2013 in Duabi, Crestron will unveil new infiNET EX® wireless solutions that make

whole home wireless control a reality. Perfect for retrofits and extending control to spaces and areas

where wiring is difficult, these new wireless products enable dimming of LED and incandescent lighting,

plus control of shades, home cinemas and entertainment systems, HVAC, door locks and a wide variety

of third-party products, from a Crestron controller or personal smart device. InfiNET EX® solutions

significantly reduce the installation labour associated with traditional wired systems.

infiNET EX® Wireless Control Modules, when wires aren’t practical

Now homeowners and integrators can enjoy the freedom of wireless control in places they’ve only

dreamed of before. Ideal for retrofits, two new infiNET EX® Wireless Control Modules provide an easy

and inexpensive way to extend wireless control of serial, IR and relay devices to any room or outdoor

space without opening walls or trenching the yard. The INET-IOEX-IRCOM enables dependable wireless

communication between Crestron 3-SeriesTM control systems and devices such as TVs, cable boxes,

displays, AV components, switchers, pool controllers, security systems and other equipment that is

controllable using basic RS-232 serial or IR commands. The INET-IOEX-RYIO provides a low-voltage

relay and digital input control interface for remote devices such as garage door openers, sensors, gates,

motorised screens and other relay-controlled devices, while providing the same wireless communication

to a Crestron control system.

“Third-party IR, serial and relay controlled devices can now be controlled wirelessly and integrated on

the Crestron platform,” says Robin Van Meeuwen, Vice President at Crestron International. “Our new

InfiNET EX® wireless IO boxes provide an intelligent, installer-friendly solution for device control in those

hard to reach spaces.”Wireless LED lighting control

The latest addition to its popular Cameo® infiNET EX® line of lighting control products, CLW-

DELV wireless dimmers provide superior in-wall dimming of LED, electronic low voltage, incandescent

and halogen light sources with rock-solid wireless communication to the Crestron control system.

Available in both Pro and Express versions, CLW-DELV dimmers support smooth LED dimming

throughout the home. Pro models offer a large selection of designer and basic colours. They are also

compatible with traditional 3- or 4-way circuits using Crestron remote dimmers/switches (CLW-SLVU).

Express models are available in basic colours for a more cost effective solution. “With their energy

saving and long-life benefits, LEDs are the fastest growing lighting technology on the market today,”

says Mark Tallent, Lighting Control Specialist at Crestron International. “Wireless DELV dimmers fill the

increasing demand for flicker-free LED fixture dimming as well as traditional incandescent and halogen

light fixtures.” Using proven Crestron infiNET EX® 2.4 GHz mesh network technology, Cameo® CLW

dimmers ensure steadfast performance in the most extreme RF environments. With a stylish

contemporary design, Cameo® in-wall dimmers feature field-replaceable engravable buttons, can be

configured with various button layouts and are available in a variety of colour options.

Learn more

To learn more about next generation touch screen control using the TSW-550, TSW-750, or TSW-1050, visit Crestron stand at TA-G1 at InfoComm MEA 2013, at the Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE.


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