Crestron expands line of commercial wireless lighting control products

Comprehensive wireless lighting control solutions provide easier installation and reduced energy consumption.

Crestron today announced several additions to its line of infiNET EX® wireless lighting control products. Combined with its existing portfolio of wireless products, including shade & temperature controls and user interfaces, Crestron enables complete wireless environmental control for commercial buildings.

The new Battery-Powered Wireless Occupancy Sensor (GLS-OIR-CSM-EX-BATT) is a low-profile occupancy sensor ideal for spaces that are especially difficult to wire. It eliminates the need to homerun wires to every office in order to get sensors in and delivers 10-years of battery life. It provides a powerful and easy solution to reduce energy costs and add convenience, even in retrofit applications.

The new 2-Button Wireless Keypad (HTT-B2EX-BATT) is battery-powered, portable and designed to control a wide range of applications supported by Crestron control systems. It’s compact and simple in design and powerful in its uses: personal workspace controller, hotel bedside controller, conference room presenter selector or a simple living room lighting/shade controller. It makes any environment more comfortable. It can wirelessly connect to a Crestron control system and is powered by a lithium coin cell battery that boasts high performance and a long battery life.

Crestron wireless commercial lighting control systems are ideal for new and retrofit applications, substantially reducing the wiring and related labour costs common to traditional wired systems, and producing incredibly clean installations. “You no longer have to cut holes through walls and ceilings to run new control wiring,” said Robin Van Meeuwen, Vice President of Crestron International. “This can significantly reduce the cost and workflow interruptions often associated with a fixed wired installation without sacrificing performance.”

The recently released in-wall 230V models provide wireless dimming for commercial applications. Also available is a complete line of ELV solutions designed for dimming low voltage light, such as LEDs. The entire Cameo® infiNET EX line of products offer options perfect for any fixture in any building or residence in any part of the world.

Using proven Crestron infiNET EX 2.4 GHz mesh network technology, Crestron products are designed to ensure reliable communications in even the most densely populated areas where interference from wireless networks can cause intermittent signal interruption and sluggish performance. With mesh networking, each node captures and transmits its own data, as well as serving as a relay for other nodes.

Mesh networks are the only methodology that can automatically reconfigure to optimise performance and actually get stronger, the more devices that are joined to the network. “We’ve completed installations with tens of thousands of devices in one building. Nobody in this industry can make claims similar,” said Van Meeuwen.

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