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Microwave detectors from CP Electronics have been installed at the  headquarters of Damart based in an old mill in Bingley, West Yorkshire. Providing accurate and easy to adjust lighting control, the detectors are part of the new “Carbon Catcher” energy saving lighting scheme installed for Damart by Leeds based lighting and electrical contractors RCE Services UK Ltd.

RCE’s “Carbon Catcher” scheme provided Damart with an in-depth lighting survey, which showed a detailed calculation of the current lighting running costs and a suggested T5 lighting scheme using the latest technology which would be more energy efficient. By controlling the new T5 luminaires with CP’s detectors, which offer presence detection and daylight dimming, Damart could significantly reduce day-to-day running costs.  RCE were also able to advise the company about The Carbon Trust loan which is offered to assist small to medium size enterprises looking to invest in energy saving schemes

With the first phase of the project incorporating the main call centre, the refurbishment provided an ideal opportunity to review and reposition the new 35W T5 luminaires to give maximum lux levels to a busy work area.  By linking CP’s MWS6 ceiling mounting detectors to the system, the lamps will automatically adjust light levels up or down according to the amount of natural daylight within the area and also turn lights on/off accordingly with presence/absence detection. Providing automatic control with the MWS6, CP can also offer the detector with an optional manual controller if required.   Suitable for use with incandescent, fluorescent and compact fluorescent light sources, the unit detects movement via a highly sensitive microwave detector that emits low power microwave signals.

RCE was aware that the existing T12 100W and T8 58W lighting in the basement and factory areas gave sufficient light output but, with the addition of CP’s MWS3A detector, the lighting would be more energy efficient with absence/presence detection. Other areas of the project included the use of CP’s EBDSPIR which provides a variety of more precise control options with settings easily adjusted using the control at the rear of the sensor head.

MD of Carbon Catcher commented: ‘We chose the CP Electronics components throughout this project for their stability.  They are easy to install and programme using a hand held programming device.  The project is being carried out in three phases with the Carbon Catcher scheme calculating Darmart will be saving £8,063 a year with a positive payment of investment within four years.’

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