Chile Celebrates Light during the Chilean Week of Science

Science, art, photography, dance, and other activities will gather this Sunday 11 October on the Light Fest, the carnival prepared in Concepcion, Chile, to celebrate the International Year of Light and Light-Technologies 2015 (IYL 2015). The event will be held at the campus of Universidad de Concepción, and expects thousands of enthusiastic participants.

The meeting is prepared by the Center for Optics and Photonic, of Universidad de Concepción (CEFOP-UdeC), with the support of Explora Región del Biobío and Centro Interactivo de Ciencias, Artes y Tecnologías (CiCAT). The fest will be the closing to an intense week of activities all over the country, as part of the annual Science of Week, which this year is dedicated to highlight the importance of light in our lives.

Find below some highlights from the Light Fest programme:

  • Cyclothon: a ride through the university, with stations where researchers from CEFOP-UdeC will explain details about light
  • The luminescent garden: 350 “flowers of light” will be planted on the campus
  • Grafitti with light: the visitors will be able to create his own graffiti, playing with light
  • Poems: the art of word will be present through a projection of poems related to light
  • LED balloons: an artistic intervention will create a magic space in the campus, using 500 LED balloons
  • Photography with a pinhole camera: workshop to make and developing pictures using a pinhole camera
  • Light and color shadows: a space to play with light and create color shadows.
  • The luminescent wall: the visitors will be able to paint with a luminescent painting over a drawing, in a collective intervention
  • Light dance: a dance, prepared by the group of Angela Chandía to celebrate light and life

This unique event is added to other initiatives prepared on Chile, like the cycle of lectures on Universidad de Chile and more than a dozen of activities promoted by the Explora, programme of CONICYT created to disseminate science to Chilean children.

A family experience

“Light, as a physical phenomenon and the technologies associated to it, are present in our daily life: from the life origin through the photosynthesis; in science, allowing us to study biological systems on a noninvasive way, in technology, by enabling high data transmission communications and new environmentally friendly lighting systems. This is a unique opportunity, thanks to UN, to show this diversity and to marvel us with the light properties and applications” said Dr. Carlos Saavedra, Scientific Director of CEFOP-UdeC.

To the artist and academic of Arts Department of Universidad de Concepción, Natascha de Cortillas, this will be a multi-disciplinary experience. She will be on charge of the pinhole photography workshop, an activity she describes as a catch of time. “The impression of the image is a magic and spontaneous process, it represents reality, and it is a mysterious way to get into the future through the register of the past. The pinhole camera shows us the charm of the capture of light”.

The dance will be also part of this event, with a performance inspired on the deep ocean; the underwater world is the darkness kingdom where the creatures make its own light sources. Angela Chandía said: “From this world of images, the proposal of movement arises as an inspiration of respect and admiration by nature. This connect us with the scientific view, because consider the same respect and admiration. From here, the performance called Pangea remembers us that we are a planet, a single energy unit.”

Light Fest will be a celebration of light, not only about the scientific world, but including other creative expressions, to remember us how important is light in our lives.

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