Call to Action: Cosmic Light Edu kit Workshops

In the framework of the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies 2015 (IYL 2015) and the Cosmic Light programme organised by the International Astronomical Union (IAU), the IAU seed-funded Cosmic Light EDU kit team invites science educators around the world to implement workshops in their communities. Local organisers will receive tailored virtual and physical support from an international team of experts to train educators and bring the science of cosmic light to the classroom.

One of the efforts spearheaded by the IAU under the framework of IYL 2015 is the Cosmic Light EDU kit, which comprises a virtual kit with many activities, tools and other resources on the topic of the science of light. This kit will feature continued support for teaching communities around the world, and a special component designed for children with visual impairments will also be incorporated.

The Cosmic Light EDU kit team invites science educators around the world to organise workshops locally in the framework of IYL 2015. Organisers will receive a packet with Cosmic Light goodies, guidance on organising workshops, support with evaluation and information on the availability of a panel of experts to speak at the workshops via Skype or Hangout on Air about various topics. The workshops will be tailored training sessions for educators aiming to bring cutting-edge topics to their classrooms. Light for education is the vision for this unique opportunity where expertise from diverse areas will be provided virtually through the team, training the participants hands-on and minds-on in the kit materials and activities.

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