Bruce Munro blazes a trail with two new ‘Comet’ pendant lights


Bruce Munro blazes a trail with two new ‘Comet’ pendant lights

Wilma’s Comet and Fred’s Comet are new fibre optic pendants with a difference from Bruce Munro.

Munro developed the designs after disassembling his much admired ‘CDSea’ installation at Long Knoll Field in Wiltshire in July this year. They were inspired by a commission piece (Flash Gordon) made for a private client in 2005.

Wilma’s Comet took shape which Munro was pondering the theory that a comet wiped out the Dinosaurs. “I immediately went in search of dinosaurs and discovered a batch basking in a local toyshop window. My mind’s eye image of an exploding orb of light was very much in the style of vintage Comic books from the 50’s and 60’s” he says. So when searching for a title, ‘Wilma’s Comet’ (after Wilma Flintstone) fit the bill perfectly.

 ‘Fred’s Comet’ followed shortly after, as you might expect.

The two eye-catching pendants are lit with LEDs, the low energy lamps much admired by the green movement. (LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes and they were first developed for car dashboards and other display clocks).

Both pendants are composed of a clear acrylic sphere measuring 60cm in diameter with a spun aluminium collar. They are suspended from three stainless steel suspension wires and lit with fibre optics illuminated with LED lamps.

Wilma’s Comet contains 275 fibre optic strands, lit with 3 Luxeon warm white LEDs set into the spun aluminium collar at the top. A remote driver is positioned in the aluminium ceiling rose to send the light down the fibres.

Fred’s Comet is much the same, but additionally it contains a herd of injection-moulded plastic prehistoric creatures.

Bruce Munro

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