Better Metrics for Better Lighting: Society of Light and Lighting symposium

The Society of Light and Lighting (SLL), which produces the technical journal Lighting Research & Technology (LRT) will be hosting a symposium on 15th July 2014 at University College, London on Better Metrics for Better Lighting.
The objective of this symposium is to raise awareness of the possibilities for improving the metrics used in lighting design. By improving these metrics, lighting can be more closely matched to the purposes for which it is intended and more efficient use can be made of lighting technology.


For many years, the metrics used in the design of lighting have remained unchanged. Illuminance, daylight factor, colour rendering index and luminous efficacy have been ubiquitous. But now things are changing and new metrics are beginning to appear. The latest version of Part L of the Building Regulations offers the use of the lighting energy numeric indicator as a method of determining compliance and the Priority Schools Building Programme requires the use of climate based daylight modelling. And this is only the beginning. Some researchers are suggesting changes to the metrics for colour rendering and brightness perception. Yet others are suggesting new metrics that reflect the different visual channels relevant to specific lighting applications.


The LRT symposium will feature presentations from some of the leaders in lighting while allowing time for discussion about the value and utility of the proposed metrics.


The symposium will be of interest to lighting designers, lighting equipment manufacturers and people involved in the development of lighting standards and guidance. For more information and to register for the symposium please


For more information on LR&T visit here.

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