Automated lighting control specialist B.E.G. has launched an innovative new occupancy sensor that can keep buildings using two power supply circuits illuminated even when one fails.


Designed to control two separate lighting loads from a single unit, the PD4-M-2C-DS-FC is the German manufacturer’s latest energy-saving product to be released from its popular Luxomat® range.


The new two-phase occupancy sensor is ideal for hospitals and data centres as it can be connected to two different AC circuits. Health care institutions and server rooms typically use separate channels to protect their power supplies, such as an emergency back-up generator in addition to the main power supply, so escape routes are illuminated in the event of a power outage.


The Luxomat® enables the illumination system to be divided into two electronically isolated and distinct groups which reduces the risk of total light failure. When both power supplies are functioning normally, the occupancy sensorcontrols all connected loads and takes the power it requires from both phases.


If one supply circuit fails, the Luxomat® on the other channel will continue to operate correctly. The device is able to control the loads of the emergency supply that enables it to keep the building either partially or fully illuminated.


Using state-of-the-art lighting control technology, the 230V occupancy sensor is for inside use on false ceilings and ensures that the lights are only on when required offering organisations a substantial reduction in energy costs. The Luxomat® automatically turns the lights on or off when motion is detected.


It does this by maximising the use of natural daylight with dimming ballasts installed in the light fittings. Once occupancy is detected the sensor measures the natural light, compares this against the pre-determined light level and turns the fitting on to the required level.


The Luxomat® can be manually operated by a single push button that is electrically isolated but can also be remotely controlled. The two-phase detector has one optical system for both channels. With a detection range of 24m and a mounting height of 2.5m, an additional Luxomat® can be added as an electrical slave connector.


B.E.G. UK Director Paul Jones said: “The new Luxomat® is perfect for switching two circuits with two different phases and ideal for applications that use two separate circuits to protect their power in case of an emergency. It provides facilities managers with peace of mind that their buildings will remain illuminated even if the power supply malfunctions.


“The occupancy sensor’s intelligent energy-saving technology also ensures that the lights are only on when they need to be. At a time when energy costs are rising, the Luxomat® enables organisations to increase energy efficiency, reduce their carbon footprint and make cost savings – all at the same time.”

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