Can an architectural lighting design firm creatively light an entire house using just 100 watts of power? Architainment have sponsored the 2014 IALD 100W Challenge to find out.

After the success of the event in 2013 the 100w Challenge again intends to prove to the world that lighting can be efficient, functional and beautiful; the mission is for five designers to go head to head, lighting five rooms of ‘The House Next Door,’ with only 17M (100w) of LED tape. This year’s tape is 20% more efficient than 2013, heightening the excitement to see how clever the designers can be with the new technology.  Architainment will also be available, on site, for the designers to offer technical advice and to ensure all fixtures are safe.

Taking place the first week of March, the five-day challenge has been constructed to exhibit the capabilities of new lighting technologies and to showcase the talent of the lighting design industry.  The teams will be urged to broaden their imagination and generate solutions for each room dependant on the proposed function.

The competing teams this year are; BDP, GIA Equation, Paul Nulty, DPA Lighting and the Light Bureau.

Follow the event and keep up-to date on all the latest news and images by using the hashtag #iald100Wchallenge.  Architainment will be live posting the event through social media channels with behind the scene pictures on Tuesday 4th March; not to be missed!

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