Architainment Lighting & Atlantic Star distribution deal

Architainment Lighting Ltd has announced a new distribution partnership with European LED manufacturer, Atlantic Star. As an exclusive UK distributor, Architainment will be supplying the ORBIS range of modular and scalable LED display systems.

Based in Latvia, Atlantic Star specialises in designing and manufacturing practical, low maintenance, and reliable LED lighting systems for event designers and architects. Architainment will be distribution partners for the entire ORBIS range as it grows and develops, but will initially focus on the distribution of the ORBIS-120.

A series of 360° viewable pixels, the ORBIS-120 is made up of LEDs and control circuits, housed inside a white diffusing plastic sphere. The fitting has been designed to build up three dimensional structures, two dimensional backdrops and also curved or irregular 2D/3D shapes. Fibre optic technology is used to transmit video and control data between components of the system. It moves signals digitally using light, not electricity, thus meaning it is completely immune to ground loops, EMI, RF and virtually every prohibitive characteristic of copper-based cabling.

Commenting on the new partnership, Paul Rees, sales director for Architainment Lighting, says: ‘On seeing the ORBIS-120 we realised that it had potential for use in a range of applications and lighting sectors. It is an innovative technology that we are sure lighting designers will be interested in and we look forward to supplying more products from the ORBIS range as and when they are ready for distribution in the UK.’

Commenting on the collaboration, Dmitrij Volohov, product and concept designer for Atlantic Star, said: ‘We are very fortunate to have Architainment as our UK distributor. Architainment’s reputation and scope in the UK lighting market is second to none. We are delighted to be able to appoint them as our exclusive distributor and are very pleased that they will be representing ORBIS product range UK.’

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