Ace Lamps Launch the Quasar 27 Watt Triple LED Downlight Fitting

UK based lighting specialists Ace Lamps have launched the Quasar 27 Watt Triple LED downlight fitting. The product, the Quasar, uses the latest high power LED’s and continues Ace Lamps rapid expansion into the growing LED lighting market.


Ace Lamps product development team have worked closely with the manufacturer for a number of months to create an innovative product that addresses the large requirement for high power energy efficient lighting in the commercial sector.


The Quasar 27 watt LED down light has been designed specifically for use in display lighting and large communal area lighting applications where good quality high levels of light output are required. The Quasar requires no maintenance on the 50000 hour life LED’s and is considerably cheaper to run than the equivalent halogen or metal halide lamp equivalents.


The Quasar offers a very high light output with a total of 1545 lumens of light output. As standard this light comes with the 6000k cool white LED’s which are ideal for enhancing colours when used as display lighting but you have the option of the 3200k warm white LED’s for other applications that require a slightly softer light output. Each light comes with a 30 degree flood beam angle but this can be tailored to the individual clients needs along with the option of a dimmable version if required.


The design of the Quasar LED downlight has resulted in three independent 9 watt LED fittings within the single aluminium body. Each of these light fittings gives the appearance of floating within the black case to give a stylish look and feel. For display lighting applications where directional light is a key factor the three 9 watt lights can be independently tilted and swiveled to a 45 degree angle giving a huge amount of flexibility.


A high quality heat sink has been developed so that any heat produced by the powerful LED’s is dissipated effectively. This is another advantage over the metal halide equivalent display lights as these produce a huge amount of heat which puts considerable stress on the air conditioning system and contributes to further higher overall running costs.


Ace Lamps are continually expanding the LED product range in their Southampton based offices with a growing online catalogue of over 4500 different lighting products for both commercial and domestic applications.


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