600x600mm and 625x625mm light guides. Moulded in the UK for Europe.


Continuing investment, culminating in a 1,000-tone injection moulding unit at their UK manufacturing facility, means Fern-Howard can now supply precise, injection moulded light guides only 4mm thick to OEM manufacturers for inclusion in their own luminaires.

Available in a range of sizes, including the popular 600x600mm size, these optically precise injection moulded light guides are the thinnest on the market, LG compliant and 86% efficient.

Making these light guides available to OEM manufacturers now means European lighting companies are able to create their own elegant, thin, bright and cost effective LED based luminaires for the first time – but without any upfront development or tooling costs.

The light guides are able to accommodate a range of typical LEDs from major manufacturers, and each uses thousands of optically precise moulded micro-lenses only 15 microns deep. This allows manufacturers to take full advantage of Edge-lit LED technology in their future designs, controlling lumen output, efficiency and cost. Creating visually appealing and efficient systems of this scale is simply not possible using any other system – as Peter Scott, Fern Howard’s CEO explains:

“It has taken us two years hard work alongside our partners Rambus Inc. to develop this versatile product. But being able to share it with OEMs throughout Europe makes us very proud. It underlines our commitment to the lighting market, to manufacturing in the UK and to exporting.”

For further information please visit www.fernhoward.com


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