5 things not to miss at Strategies in Light Europe 2015

Strategies in Light Europe 2015 promises to be the biggest and best in the event’s six year history. Taking place in London on 17-19 November, it features an outstanding line-up of content, industry speakers and conference sessions, all tackling the key issues affecting the development of LED lighting markets and technology. Here are our top 5 things not to miss:

1) Can LEDs rule the world?

The opening plenary session will discover why LEDs are ready to dominate global markets, revolutionising the way the world is lit. Philip Smallwood, Director of LED & Lighting Research, Strategies Unlimited, USA, will comprehensively review the changes that are disrupting the lighting status quo.

LED Lighting Market Review and Forecast: Weds 18th November, 11:00 – 11:30 – Platinum Room 3&4, Level 3

2) The future is calling; what can smart lights learn from smartphones?

Could your iPad or iPhone monitor, control and streamline lighting services? Will wired or wireless connectivity be the norm in the businesses and homes of tomorrow? Gerard Harbers, Chief Technology Officer, Xicato, USA, unravels this complex new web of digital development, and signposts the business signals for the future.

What Can Smart Lights Learn from Smartphones and What Can Smartphones Learn from Smart Lights? Weds 18th November, 13:30 – 14:00, Platinum Room 1, Level 3

3) Can we communicate using light?

Today’s broadband is nearly saturated; can visual light communication forge a new path? Tom van den Bussche, President, TORIC, France, will elucidate the Li-Fi market and its scope for indoor navigation, broadcasting and the Internet.

Talking Lights: Weds 18th November, 14:00 – 14:30, Platinum Room 1, Level 3

4) Lightening the load on health

Over the past 20 years, the effect of light on health and wellbeing has been better understood and scientifically studied. Now, we know that specialised cells in the retina control hormonal rhythms and vigilance.

What scope then for human centric lighting, building better health and productive working environments? Herbert Plischke, Professor for Light and Health at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich gives his diagnosis on how people can profit from artificial light.

How Can Human-Centric Lighting Make People Feel Better? Weds 18th November, 15:30 – 16:00, Platinum Room 1, Level 3

5) The building blocks of light

SSL technology is re-envisaging light, not just as a means of articulating space, but as an architectural building block in its own right. Evolving procurement, construction materials and industry convention are being comprehensively re-imagined, placing light at the heart of tomorrow’s smarter, more responsive, futurist buildings.

Eoin Billings, Founding Director, Billings Jackson Design, UK, will bring clarity to the architecture, integrated design and fantastic possibilities of tomorrow.

SSL as a Building Material: the Reinvention of Lighting Design: Thurs 19th November, 09:40 – 10:00, Platinum Room 1, Level 3

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