5 Key Technology Trends at Strategies in Light Europe

1) The Future Is Phosphors

By blending a variety of phosphors, the LED emission spectrum can be optimized for visual display. Suddenly, merchandising across the retail sector has become dramatically more exciting.

Optimizing retail LED lighting requires a variety of distinct and efficient phosphor materials, and
a willingness of LED manufacturers. But the potential winnings are equally significant.

Daniel Doxsee, Deputy Managing Director, Nichia Europe, will examine the key pathways to optimizing the spectral output of LEDs for retail applications.

Using Phosphor Technology to Enhance the Retail Experience, Weds 18th November, 14:30 – 15:00, Platinum Room 2, Level 3

2) Design For Light

Even the newest LED luminaires often look like their conventional predecessors, and most building applications remain similarly consistent, with new technologies simply replicating the conventional forms of before.

Is a new wave of design on the way, or will the LED revolution remain untelevised? Dr. Thomas Knoop, Managing Director, INTEGRATED, Germany, seeks answers to how design, features and technology can usher in a brave new world of lighting.

The Impact of LEDs on Luminaire Design, Weds 18th November, 15:30 – 16:00, Platinum Room 2, Level 3

3) Be Smart, Be Sustainable

Today, smart lighting is imperative for the sustainable development of our cities. Public lighting is being managed ever more efficiently, optimizing energy consumption and improving quality of service.

As lamps, parking lots, cycle networks and EV charging stations evolve, and as a worldwide 4 billion street lamps change to LEDs, what does the future hold? Gianni Minetti, President and Chief Executive Officer, Paradox Engineering, Switzerland, will tell us.

Smart Lighting, The New Imperative for the Sustainable Development of Cities, Thurs 19th November, 09:40 – 10:00, Platinum Room 2, Level 3

4) Cost And Efficiency; Can The Challenges Be Met Smartly?

Bringing the bulb within computerised control offers numerous benefits, including a reduction in wasted power.

But, smart lighting must add this extra control without compromising the efficiency improvements that originally drove LED introduction. Andrew Smith, Senior Product Marketing Manager,
Power Integrations, USA, ponders how it might be done.

Meeting the Challenges of Cost and Efficiency Presented by Smart Lighting in Consumer Applications, Thurs 19th November, 11:30 – 12:00, Platinum Room 2, Level 3

5) Life’s A Gas; Can Gas Cooling Systems Deliver Optimal Performance?

Replacing traditional solid heat sinks with gas-phase cooling systems leads to a better luminous efficacy, plus unexpected spinoffs in optical performance and aesthetics.

James Hooker, R&D Manager LED & Special Lamps, Havells Sylvania Lighting Belgium NV, delivers an insight into the development of an entirely new class of LED light source.

Development of Gas-Cooled LED lamps, Thurs 19th November, 13:30 – 14:00, Platinum Room 2, Level 3

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